It’s Spring!

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BZ Honey - The redbud blossom is a sure sign of Spring in Texas.
The redbud blossom is a sure sign of Spring in Texas.

I saw this redbud tree in full bloom yesterday as we were walking through Old Town Tomball.  The redbud and the dandelion are sure signs of Spring here in Texas, so it’s clear that our beekeeping winter vacation is over.  We were so busy in 2016 that we haven’t had a chance to publish updates to our blog or update our website for the year.

To recap 2016, we set a goal to harvest a ton (yes, 2000) pounds of honey, and we exceeded that goal.  With our increased production of honey came an increased presence at the local farmer’s markets and a chance to meet more customers.  Every single interaction with one of our customers reinforced the thought that we’re providing an important service to our community through our beekeeping and our honey.

For 2017, we want to take a leadership role for beekeeping in NW Houston.  We plan to increase our honey production again, we’re helping to fight HB 1293, which is a poor attempt to update the Texas agriculture code, and we want to help more backyard beekeepers successfully harvest honey.

We are thrilled to announce more news soon, so please stay tuned!

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