The Queen is Retired. Long Live the Queen.

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BZ Honey - Queen Barbara II in her cocoon.
Queen Barbara II in her cocoon.

Your Grace Queen Barbara Goldstein,

We truly appreciate what you’ve done for this hive over the past 3 years. You laid your weight in eggs every few hours and over the course of your reign, you easily laid over one million eggs. You have been the backbone of the BZ Honey breeding program and most of the queens came from your eggs or mated with your drones.

Your hive produced over 500 pounds of honey in just 3 years and you are the reason your beekeepers decided to make this more than just a hobby.

The workers had a meeting and we decided that your reign needs to end.  You appear healthy and you’re still laying like a champ, but the workers know things the beekeepers don’t, so we’re already raising your replacement.  Barbara II will emerge from her cocoon within the next week and assume the role of the queen.

Your beekeepers have decided to put you in a smaller “retirement hive”, to determine if you’re still viable.  That’s a lot nicer than the plan we’ve used for thousands of years, but we wish you well.

The Queen is Retired. Long Live the Queen.

The Workers

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  1. Wow that’s amazing just to see how natural process emerges with these species. Wish new queen best of production.

    • Thank you, Anna. The new queen had a good production year in 2016 and this genetic line is one that we plan to continue breeding.

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