We Want You To Become a Beekeeper in 2017

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We now have a store for beekeepers and honey lovers. If you don’t follow us on social media, you may have missed the big news that we’ve opened a physical store at 405 E Main Street in Tomball.  After 5 years … Continued

It’s Spring!

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I saw this redbud tree in full bloom yesterday as we were walking through Old Town Tomball.  The redbud and the dandelion are sure signs of Spring here in Texas, so it’s clear that our beekeeping winter vacation is over. … Continued

Reasons Why Our Honey is Special

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Many of our customers tell us we have the best honey they’ve ever tasted.  Many of you may like our honey from trying a sample at a farmer’s market or from interacting with us during a swarm relocation.  You may … Continued

Thank You for a Great 2015!

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As we look back on 2015, we’re very happy and honored at what happened this year.  We have grown in our knowledge of bees, our product offerings, our number of hives, and in the number of great customers and friends … Continued

The Queen is Retired. Long Live the Queen.

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Your Grace Queen Barbara Goldstein, We truly appreciate what you’ve done for this hive over the past 3 years. You laid your weight in eggs every few hours and over the course of your reign, you easily laid over one million eggs. … Continued

BZ Honey’s New Consulting Services

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* March 2017 – Due to the growth of our business, we can no longer provide these services. Consulting Services for Beekeepers and Gardeners BZ Honey now provides consulting services to new beekeepers and gardeners who want to attract more … Continued

Honey Bee Removal – Yes, we do that, too.

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* March 2017 – Due to the growth of our business, we can no longer remove established hives. Honey Bee Removal Gives Bees a Chance We’ve recently heard some confusion on whether we are a honey bee removal company or … Continued

Pollination Service – Frequently Asked Questions

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* March 2017 – Due to the growth of our business, we no longer offer pollination services. What’s so important about pollination? For centuries, farmers have understood the benefits of honey bee pollination.  In 1917, botanist Burton Noble Gates wrote: … Continued

Old Town Tomball’s Jane and John Dough Bakery

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Jane and John Dough Bakery in Old Town Tomball We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Jane and John Dough Bakery!  The Doughs recently opened the doors to their new bakery in Old Town Tomball, where their artisan baking is … Continued

Our New Partnership with The Arbor Gate

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We are happy to announce that this year we are expanding our partnerships in NW Houston to include The Arbor Gate. After a successful season with Plants for All Seasons, we knew that partnerships with natural garden centers allow our … Continued

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