Bee Removal

Honey Bee Removal

We’d love to spend all day removing bees from unwanted places and bringing them to our yards.  For years, that’s how we grew our hive numbers.  Today, we’ve reached a point where we’re focused on managing our hives, running the shop, and providing quality instruction for new beekeepers.

Since we’re still one of the prominent beekeepers in the area, we get many calls for swarm and hive relocation.  To provide quality referrals, we’ve created the list below for honey bee removal.  The individuals below are beekeepers we know who relocate bees without killing them.  If you are a beekeeper and would like to be on this list, come visit us at our shop and let us know.  If you’re using this list, please let them know we referred you and thank you for trying to save those bees.


Matt Anderson – 832-298-7429

Smoke Eater’s Bee Rescue – 832-387-3981

Caraway Pest Control – 832-540-6959