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BZ Honey provides pure local honey to the communities where we keep our bees.

BZ Honey - Matt and Kelly, after installing their first two hives of bees.
Matt and Kelly, after installing their first two hives of bees.

When we received our first hives, we committed to maintaining our hives naturally to preserve the purity of BZ Honey.  Today, we still honor that commitment to deliver the best possible honey.  Our hives have never been treated with any chemicals that could contaminate the honey or weaken our bees.  Our honey is strained for clarity without filtering the pollen.

Our success with bees comes from a desire to ensure good bee health.  We use integrated pest management to help our bees combat pests such as small hive beetles and varroa mites without relying on chemicals.  We experiment with Langstroth hives and Warre hives to determine which provide healthier bees.  We allow the bees to build their own honey comb without the need for chemical-laden foundation.  We rear our own queens from high-performing hives that survive winter and local conditions.

Our hives are situated in suburban areas of Houston to provide local honey from those areas.  We sell our honey directly through our website and at farmer’s markets situated near our bee yards.  Most importantly, every farmer’s market that we sell through is close enough to one of our bee yards that our bees can fly to the market.

We now have a retail store on Main Street in Tomball where we sell pure raw honey and beekeeping supplies.  If you need to get in touch with us, please use the form below or call us directly.

Phone: 281-826-3290

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