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Pure raw local honey, unheated and unfiltered, from treatment-free hives in NW Houston.  Packaged in 24 ounce glass pint jars and 2 lb plastic squeeze bottles.  As we continually harvest from multiple yards in the area, we will ship the honey we currently have in stock.  Our local honey is a product of Cypress, Houston, Katy, or Tomball, TX.

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Pure raw local honey, unheated and unfiltered, from treatment-free hives in NW Houston.  Packaged in 24 oz glass pint jars, 2 lb plastic squeeze bottles, 2 oz. plastic bears (packs of 50) and single serving honey straws.  We continually harvest from multiple yards in the area, so we will ship the honey we currently have in stock.  Our local honey is a product of Cypress, Houston, Katy, or Tomball, TX.

Unblended, Unheated, Unfiltered

All our local honey is processed as a product of a single yard.  We use separate bottling equipment for each yard and label the bottles with the yard that produced the honey.  We celebrate the inconsistency of honey as it varies by yard and time of year.  Our light honey is extracted in spring or early summer when nectar sources produce a light, sweet, floral honey.  As the year progresses and nectar sources change, the bees produce honey that is amber in color.  Our Fall honey is mainly produced from goldenrod nectar, where it gets its distinct and robust flavor.  All of our honey is raw and unheated and we only strain it to remove any beeswax from the extraction process.  Sure, it may run slower and take a little longer to fill the bottle, but we keep all the great aromatics of raw honey, preserve any enzymes remaining from the curing process, and retain any local pollen captured in the honey.

No added chemicals

You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but most commercial beekeepers add chemicals to their hives to control varroa mites, small hive beetles, and american foulbrood disease.  Bees move honey, nectar, and pollen throughout the hive to support young bees and prepare for storage, so who knows where those chemicals end up?  Instead of putting chemicals in our hives, we rely on selective breeding, integrated pest management, and strong hives to keep our bees alive.  We don’t add any chemicals to our hives and therefore, don’t add any chemicals to our honey.  We sell it to you just the way the bees make it.

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24 oz. Glass Pint Jar, 2 lb Plastic Squeeze Bottle, 3 lb Plastic Jug, 2 oz. Plastic Bears (qty 50), Honey Straws

6 reviews for Local Honey

  1. Shallon Ott

    I found this honey at the JV Farmer’s Market in July 2017. I have always suffered from seasonal allergies and take medication daily for my allergies. I have heard that local honey help with allergies, so when I saw this local honey I wanted to give it a try. I got to sample some at the market and it tasted amazing! Once you taste this, you will not go back to store bought. I have been mixing the honey in with my yogurt every day and have not had to use my allergy medication since!! This honey is the BEST and my whole family is enjoying it. We just got another jar today along with their new cinnamiel they had.

  2. Anne Fowler

    I have not had any yet, but plan on buying some from the shop when they reopen after the holidays. I need it for my severe allergies. They’re sold out of local honey. I hope one of the others will help.

  3. Sandra Hachem

    We just bought a jar at the German Festival in Tomball this past weekend. It’s delicious! I will be ordering more online!

  4. Glory McCray

    I grew up on REAL PURE honey. My grandmother said always get REAL PURE honey (when I wanted to get the cute plastic bottles at the store).
    we would walk to the beekeepers house and she would give me a piece of honeycomb to chew on the way back home.
    M y grandmother gave us a half teaspoonful per day for a couple weeks at the onset of spring and fall to protect us from the “snot and buger bugs”. As an adult every city I lived in I sought out the local bee keeper closest to where I lived, I research more these days and was delighted to see that BZ HONEY is harvested from bees in the city where we moved into our new home. The products are purely perfect and Ive sent friends and family to thier website and to the farmers market. thanks for REAL PURE honey. The grandmother in me appreciates your honey


    • Matt

      Hi Glory, thank you for the touching review. We’re just happy we helped you think of your grandmother.

  5. Ashley Hart

    Bought a jar at JV farmers market in June. It’s gone! Completely obsessed- this is the best honey by FAR ever tasted!!!!

  6. Joshua Hand (verified owner)

    Very good honey. Would recommend to anybody who wants local honey

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