Our Partners Help Provide Pure Local Honey

BZ Honey - Our partners benefit from added pollinators and fresh, super-local honey.
Our partners benefit from added pollinators and fresh, super-local honey.

BZ Honey is able to provide pure local honey to specific areas by working directly with our bee-kind partners listed below.  Our partnerships allow us the opportunity to place our bees on commercial properties where their commitment to limit pesticide use and a respect for pollinators allow our bees and their plants to thrive.

Plants for All Seasons – Located along Hwy 249, Plants for All Seasons hosts our bee yard in NW Houston.  Providing a home for our bees in their community is just another way that they’ve helped the Houston area since 1973.

Pair-a-Dice Farm – Located in Tomball, Pair-a-Dice Farm is well known for their fresh vegetables and the best tomatoes in town!

The Arbor Gate – Located on FM 2920, west of SH 249, The Arbor Gate is an all-natural, all-organic garden center. They have a great selection of plants, yard art, and design ideas for your garden.

Jane and John Dough Bakery – Located on Elm St., Jane and John Dough Bakery brings artisan baking to Old Town Tomball. They made a mark here with their Philly-style soft pretzels and their Italian Cream Cake is to die for. Now, we’re bringing pollinators to their community garden and hope to provide honey from their bakery location.

Verdant Tree Farm – Located near Barker-Cypress and Clay Rd., Verdant Tree Farm provides a great environment for our bees on the West side of town.  We have made our largest yard here and expect high honey yields in 2016.

Tomball Community Garden – We are honored to provide pollinators for the Tomball Community Garden, managed by a ministry at Tomball United Methodist Church.


If you’d like to rent a small, maintenance free hive for pollination of your backyard garden, click here.

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