Beeswax Bars


1 oz Beeswax Bars.  Pure beeswax can be used to smooth drawer glides, as a foodsafe wax coating for cheese, or mixed with turpentine for a classic wood finish.

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Pure Beeswax Bars

No additives or fillers, these 1 oz beeswax bars are the perfect size to keep at hand for many uses around the house.

Beeswax for crafts

Beeswax bars are convenient for lubricating thread and make the best candles under the sun.  Beeswax can also be used as a wood finish and is the perfect non-toxic friction finish for toys and bowls turned on a lathe.  In the kitchen, beeswax makes a great non-toxic cutting board salve and can be used on muffin pans instead of shortening.

Uses in the workshop

Beeswax works better for screw threads, preserving them from corrosion while lubricating.  For those with antique furniture and homes, beeswax bars are indispensable to lubricate windows and drawers.

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1 oz. bar, 1 lb. block


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