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Managing Wasps Without Insecticide

BZ Honey - Managing Wasps with a mixture of water and dish soap.

Managing Wasps in the Beeyard

We’ve seen quite a few wasps this year in the beeyard.  If given the chance, they will try to enter the hives and rob the bees of their precious supplies and they’re just not friendly enough to keep around.  In your backyard, they’re probably building nests in shrubs, under eaves, and under fence rails.  I’m managing wasps using a mixture of water and dish soap.  When sprayed on wasps and wasp nests, it usually suffocates them in a few seconds and they’re done.

This mixture allows me to spray and kill what I want and not harm anything else in the surrounding environment.  No lingering chemicals.  No harm to the bees.  No contamination of the honey.  If you have kids or pets playing in your backyard, this makes more sense than a can of chemicals.

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This works on any insect, so feel free to try it on ants, aphids, and stink bugs, also.


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