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2014 Fall Honey Waiting List – Sign up now!

BZ Honey - Pure and robust, Cypress Dark Honey.


BZ Honey - 2014 Fall Honey Waiting List
2014 Fall Honey

Since we have a few customers that have asked us to notify them when we get more honey, we want to establish a fall honey waiting list process for those that want to “reserve” some and get notified when we have it bottled.  This is a non-binding list, so if you think you’ll want some, just let us know.

Please be patient with us as we try this new process this year.  We want a fair way to get our honey to the people who have been waiting for it.

Fall Honey Waiting List Process

  1. Add a comment to this post below.  You’ll need to provide a name and email address to leave a comment (this is normally required to prevent spam on our website).  Your email address will not display on the comment and we won’t spam you or give anyone else your info.
  2. In your comment, tell us which bee yard (Cypress, Tomball, or Plants for All Seasons SH249) you’d like your honey from and how much you’ll want.  If you don’t have a preference, just let us know how many pounds you want.
  3. Once the bees let us take their honey, we’ll start working our way down the list, making contact based on the email address provided when leaving the comment (so please make sure it’s an actual email address).

* Comments may require approval, so if you don’t see yours immediately, don’t stress.  We’ll get them approved and on the web.  Comments will stay on the post as a first-come-first-served list.  Depending on how much honey we get and how many people are on the list, we may limit quantities to allow more customers to get some.  We’ll try to be fair, so just give us an idea of how much you think you’ll want.

19 thoughts on “2014 Fall Honey Waiting List – Sign up now!

  1. Example: 3 pounds from Cypress!

  2. I would like 1 gallon (12lbs).

  3. I sure would like some would like more info????

    1. Mr. A.C., I’m sure that we can figure a way to get some to Louisiana for you. We’ll get in touch once the bees are done with their magic. Until then, fire away with any questions you have!

  4. I would like 1lb of Plants for all Seasons please. My portion of the summer batch is about to be gone. I’m super excited to try the dark!
    Kelly @pfas249 🙂

    1. Kelly, we have a pound reserved for you! Thanks.

      1. I have a friend that needs a pound also, so put me down for 2 – 1lbs please.

  5. I would like 2lb mason jar? of the Cypress dark honey & some Cypress light honey. Not sure how much 2lb but I think 2lb of that also unless that’s like a gallon or something.

    1. Kari, except for some special requests we had earlier, we bottled the dark honey in 1 lb plastic squeeze bottles. Can I reserve 2 of those for you?

  6. 2 8 oz from plants for all seasons

    1. Rebecca, we bottled the dark honey in 1 lb plastic squeeze containers. Would you like 1 or 2 of those?

  7. My daughter works at Plants 4all seasons and she just told me about it!!! Will love to have a pound please!!

  8. I would like 2 lb of light and 2 lb of dark honey (all about plants 249)
    Thank you!

    1. Michelle, we only have dark honey from the Plants for All Seasons yard available now. I’ll reserve 2 lbs for you. We should get more light honey in the spring.

  9. All of the honey from the Plants for All Seasons yard is reserved now. I’m following up with everyone today to coordinate delivery. We still have some 1 lb containers of dark honey from our hives in Cypress.

  10. I’d like Tomball or Plants for All Seasons.. whichever I can get. Thanks!

  11. Noticed Plants for All Seasons gone, so I’ll take whatever size/kind from Tomball you have

  12. If you still have any dark honey from Cypress, I would like a 1lb container. Thanks!

  13. Closing out the comments because I think we’ve reserved all the honey we have. We’ll get in touch with everyone today to coordinate distribution of all this sweet goodness!

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