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We want your customer feedback!

BZ Honey - We want your feedback!

We want customer feedback about our products!

BZ Honey - We want your feedback!
We want your feedback!

Your customer feedback is important to us.  As we close out the 2014 season and prepare our hives for winter, we also need to spend some time to prepare for next year.  We will grow our business in 2015, but we also want to maintain or even improve the quality of our products and customer service.  In order to reach that goal, we need customer feedback on what we did well to earn your business and what we need to improve.

Our bees do all the work of making our honey and we just keep it pure.  So even if we can’t “improve” the actual honey, if there’s something you like about our honey from a particular yard, we’d like to know.  If you have tried honey from more than one of our bee yards, let us know about any differences that you’ve noticed.

Which packaging do you prefer, the classic Mason jar or the convenience of our plastic squeeze bottles?  Do you need more information about our “single locale” strategy?  Have we properly explained our sustainable practices? Have you tried our beeswax polish or lip balm?

Each of the products listed on our website has a “Reviews” section, similar to the one in the picture.  Please take a minute to provide some customer feedback so we can serve you better in the future.

Lastly, please let us know about our customer service.  We hope it’s easy to do business with us.  Whether it’s at the Farmer’s Market or through our website, we want to delight our customers and establish relationships to provide you with honey and beeswax products for years to come.  If there’s anything we need to know about your experience, please let us know in the comments section below.

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