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BZ Honey’s New Consulting Services

BZ Honey - Kelly inspects our hives to ensure their good health.
* March 2017 – Due to the growth of our business, we can no longer provide these services.

Consulting Services for Beekeepers and Gardeners

BZ Honey now provides consulting services to new beekeepers and gardeners who want to attract more pollinators to their gardens.  Our first two services, Preparing For Bees Assistance and Bee Friendly Gardening are available with appointments scheduling now.  We plan to add future services in the future to keep pace with customer demand.

What if I want to get some bees next year…

That’s the focus of our Preparing For Bees Assistance service.  We’ll show you everything you’ll need to know prior to receiving your bees in the Spring.  We’ll evaluate your property to show you the best location for your hives, show you the protective gear and tool you’ll need, and show you the hive components you’ll need on hand when you get your bees.  In the Spring, we’ll add more services for new beekeepers to help them with their new hives.

I don’t see as many bees and butterflies as I used to…

That’s the focus of our Bee Friendly Gardening service.  If you’re not interested in keeping bees, but like to watch them or wish you had more in your garden, we can help you, too.  We’ll visit your garden, evaluate your current plantings and show you where to add plants that attract more pollinators.  We’ll help you select varieties that work well in our climate, plus provide nectar from Spring to Fall.  This service also includes a $25 gift certificate for plants from The Arbor Gate.

If you’d like to see more services from us, please let us know!

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