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Honey Bee Removal – Yes, we do that, too.

BZ Honey - Honey Bee Removal From a Barn.
BZ Honey - Honey Bee Removal From a Barn.
Honey Bee Removal From a Barn.
* March 2017 – Due to the growth of our business, we can no longer remove established hives.

Honey Bee Removal Gives Bees a Chance

We’ve recently heard some confusion on whether we are a honey bee removal company or just a company that sells honey on the internet.  We didn’t realize it when we selected our business name, but some folks think we just sell honey.  To clear the air, we are beekeepers.  We cover all aspects of beekeeping.  During the Spring swarm season, we respond to calls about swarms that are clustered while looking for a new home.  Throughout the year, we’ll remove and relocate other colonies that established a nest in an unwanted area, such as a cable box or the eaves of a house.  So far this year, we have relocated 18 honey bee colonies to our managed bee yards, most from word of mouth referrals.

You’ve probably heard about the importance of preserving honey bees.  One third of our diet is a direct result of a honey bee pollinating a flower, whether it’s the cucumbers in your salad or the beef that fed off grass pollinated by bees.  Rather than spraying a colony or letting a cluster move along on it’s own, we relocate the colonies so they can continue to play their role in our food chain.

BZ Honey - We've relocated 18 swarms so far in 2015.
We’ve relocated 18 swarms so far in 2015.

We don’t charge for swarm clusters

We know most homeowners didn’t want bees to settle in their yard, so we are here to help.  Our hope is to catch most of the local swarms while they are still searching for a new home.  We were surprised to hear that some local companies have been charging people to remove swarm clusters.  A swarm of bees that is clustered in a bush or tree is looking for a new home and will probably leave soon, but their new home will most likely be inside the wall of a house, an overturned bucket, or a utility box.  We want to give those bees a chance to thrive in a managed yard, while keeping them from moving in to the wrong location.  The next time you see a cluster of bees looking for a home, don’t spray them, call us.  We will provide them with a new home of their own.

Flat rate pricing for hives with established comb

If a swarm finds a suitable cavity, they will quickly move in and begin building combs.  Once the hive has built combs and is rearing young bees, removing the bees also requires removing all the comb.  We cut the combs to fit into frames, vacuum the bees into a box, merge the bees with their comb, and move them to one of our managed yards.  Most removals take 4-5 hours, but before we begin any work, we’ll tell you how much we’ll charge ($150-450 depending on complexity of the removal and location).  If you have a honey bee colony in an unwanted area, please contact us so we can relocate them for you.

* We are registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service and have a permit to allow honey bee transportation between counties.

7 thoughts on “Honey Bee Removal – Yes, we do that, too.

  1. please tell me how to contact you to arrange for you to remove a swarm of bees. I can’t find anywhere on your web site how to contact you.

    1. Bill, we have contact information on our “About BZ Honey” page.

      Call us at the number listed there. If we don’t answer, we’re probably elbow deep in bees, but we’ll return your call as soon as we can.


  2. Hi! I have a honey bee comb in my oak tree that I would like to get relocated. Can you assist?

    1. Hi Christin, please leave us some contact information via our “about us” page so we can get more details and discuss what’s possible.


  3. I like that you talked about how good bee revivalists make it important to preserve and protect the bees. We are all aware of the disappearance of the bees and I would want someone who does the job the right way. Proper research is a good way to find this out.

    1. Thanks Kenneth. It is important to find someone who will relocate instead of killing colonies.

  4. My parents just moved into their new home and they want to make sure that there are no bees like the previous house. It was explained here that, when considering having bee removal services, they need to consider flat rate pricing. Furthermore, it’s recommended to hire professionals for quality bee removal.

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