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We Want You To Become a Beekeeper in 2017

BZ Honey - We're excited to bring beekeeping to more backyards in 2017.

We now have a store for beekeepers and honey lovers.

If you don’t follow us on social media, you may have missed the big news that we’ve opened a physical store at 405 E Main Street in Tomball.  After 5 years of trying to meet the local demand for local honey, we realized that we need to think bigger than just ourselves to solve this problem.  In 2016, as beekeepers we sold over 2000 pounds of raw, chemical-free honey from Cypress, Houston, Katy, and Tomball, but our customers continued to ask for more.  Rather than continue to grow our apiaries and try to meet this demand, we’ve decided to take a leadership role in the local honey market.  We want to enable more property owners and gardeners to begin beekeeping as a hobby and business.

At our new store in Tomball, we sell our honey, but we also now supply beekeepers with the hives, tools, protective gear, and even the bees necessary to succeed at beekeeping.  This spring, we sold starter kits and nucleus bee hives to new beekeepers.  We will soon begin classes at the shop to show new beekeepers how to inspect and manage their hives, how to raise quality queens, how to brew beer and mead with honey, and how to prepare their hives for winter.  If you want to get in a hive with us, to see if this is the hobby for you, sign up for our Introduction to Beekeeping class.

Most importantly, we want our new store to be the hub for local honey in our community.  We have a new 18-frame extraction line where we’ll extract honey from backyard beekeepers, bottle it, and even buy it to sell in our store.  Our goal is to enable enough hives in the area, so local honey customers can buy truly local honey year-round.  We hope to see you soon at the shop, at one of our classes, or at the market!

Matt and Kelly

2 thoughts on “We Want You To Become a Beekeeper in 2017

  1. If you start buying honey from local beekeepers, how will you ensure that they are not using chemicals on their hives? The reason I want to buy your honey is that I know you do not use chemicals on your hives; if I cannot be sure the bottle I buy from you is pure, I might as well buy any raw honey.

    1. Dawn, we hope to teach chemical free processes to backyard beekeepers and get to know them and their practices. Ultimately, we can’t be 100% sure, so we will still differentiate our honey from purchased honey so you know what you’re buying from us.

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